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Emotions following a burglary

After a burglary, your mind will be running wild and you will go through many emotions - we aim to help

Recent crime studies show that across the England and Wales area, there was around 686,000 burglaries between October 2015 and September 2016.

The result of a burglary doesn’t only involve the costs of replacing belonging and repairing any damage that may have been caused. It can also have an impact on your emotional health, as well as leaving you feeling unsafe in your own home.

The most important thing to think about if you have been a victim of a burglar is to ensure that you have the security you need to prevent this from happening again. Speak to our team

Burglar Alarms Bristol


Shock after a burglary is only natural

After a burglary, shock is often the first reaction that anyone will have. You may even find that you are struggling to wrap your mind around what has happened.



You may have lost belongings with personal connections

The loss of personal items that have emotional connection can be very upsetting and will take time to get overs. Items like this are irreplaceable.

Burglar Alarms Bristol



You can become angered!

With the loss of belongings and damaged caused, anger is an a common emotion that you will feel. You may even feel that you want them to pay for what they have done.

Burglar Alarms Bristol



You could become worried that it will happen again

A lot of people become worried about what's happening around them and vary of people they normally trust. This is will especially the case when the criminal hasn't been found or caught.

Burglar Alarms Bristol

Remember to stay calm

The event of a burglary can be a very emotional time, the best thing you can do is stay calm and try to regain control.

  1. You can request support online, contact your local Victim Support team
  2. You can install or upgrade you security systems. Often this is a great way to regaining the former feeling of safety that you had within your home.

Speak to our team today

At BAC Security, we offer a wide range of security products that are perfect for anyone experiencing the emotional trauma as a result of a burglary. Our trained team of consultants and installers will be able to provide you with a burglar alarm system that can form the perfect start to protecting your home. Call our Bristol based security team today on 01174 058 946 or use our contact form to leave us a message at any time to find out how we can help.

We work across the Bristol area to provide high quality burglar alarm systems so that the risks of burglaries are reduced. Criminals are often simply opportunists are will target houses that don't have a visible bell-box. Having a burglar alarm installed to your home therefore serves more than one purpose, not only will you have a security system in place to raise the alarm in the event of a break-in, but also a visual deterrent the prevent a burglar in the first place.

Burglar Alarm Installer Bristol
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