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Five reasons you should have your CCTV surveillance systems maintained
Over time your CCTV system can become worn or dirty and external cables can deteriorate due to weathering.

Here at BAC Security, our aim is to ensure that your property is protected at all times. Whether you have a CCTV system installed to your home or business we're ideally situated in Bristol to be able to maintain it and ensure it's reliability.

A well maintained & regularly services CCTV surveillance system will last longer & will ensure that the system is working correctly at all times.

CCTV Maintenance Bristol
Reason 1:

CCTV lens can become dirty over time
Often CCTV systems can build-up a layer of dust or dirt, meaning that the camera can become obstructed or ultimately lose their image quality. Without surveillance your property would be unprotected and vulnerable. When maintaining a CCTV camera you must use the correct equipment, cleaning the lens yourself could result in expensive damage to the lens itself meaning that the camera will need to be replaced. Your CCTV should be regularly cleaned by professional to keep your camera’s view unobstructed.
We helped a residential customer by installing CCTV surveillance system to protect the property 24 hours a day...
CCTV Maintenance Bristol
Reason 2:
DVR Settings can need altering over time
In theory, DVR settings should not change. However sometimes any small changes can occur which will impact the quality of your recording. Your security company will hold a log of the settings that have been used and can check that your settings are correct when visiting or sometimes, with the correct system, they may be able to log in remotely.
Reason 3:
Cables can deteriorate
The cables that connect the components of your CCTV surveillance system can, over time suffer from wear and tear, which can result in them malfunctioning and therefore leaving you and your property unprotected. This is something that can easily become costly to fix depending on the type of cables you have installed. Due to this, it’s important that you ensure your CCTV cables are regularly maintained and replace when needed so this doesn't happen to you.
Reason 4:
Your CCTV system could be effected by power surges
A power surge can cause issues with a number of products throughout your home or business. Unfortunately, a CCTV system can be susceptible and can often be effected by a surge of power, this damage is normally not something that is covered by the warranty. It’s important that the power supply that you have running to your CCTV system is protected correctly and checked during the regular maintenance of the system.
Reason 5:
Maintenance of other related equipment

As simple as this step may sound, it can be easy to ignore or forget having the related equipment maintained. If you have other equipment working with your CCTV system, these will also need to be checked and maintained regularly. This will include any monitors, multiplexers, video switchers and any other components.

Any equipment can become damaged over time and suffer from wear when there is moving parts. To ensure that these are each working correctly and the functionality isn't impaired you should have your security company provide regular CCTV maintenance.

As a leading fire and security working across Bristol and the surrounding area, we're able to provide you with the reliable CCTV maintenance that you need to ensure that you, your family or staff and property are not left vulnerable. We're here to help you today with friendly, honest and experience CCTV specialists. Call us today on 0117 405 89 46

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