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What does the latest CCTV technology allow you to do?

1080p HD and beyond

Whilst high definition is generally associated with higher quality visuals, it is often more about gaining the ability to zoom-in on footage without compromising on quality that is most important. This allows you to review historic CCTV footage and zoom-in on even the smallest of details. With 1080p and beyond, you have the ability to find the smallest details at the scene.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly installers are on-hand across Bristol to provide you with a crystal clear HD CCTV system today. Simply get in touch

Reduce the number of required cameras

With the latest technology and features you will gain a larger field of view, resulting in a reduction in the number of cameras that are required. This is especially the case with pan, tilt and zoom cameras as they cover a greater area.

Unrivalled 360° field of view

Perfect for large, open areas with high footfall. Your CCTV becomes more intelligent and can be used manually to zoom-in on incidents as they occur.

If you wish to find out more about the CCTV cameras that we are able to offer, or if you are looking to upgrade the current CCTV cameras that you have. Simply get in touch with our team today.

24/7 Surveillance without guards

Thanks to the latest CCTV surveillance technology, your security will never stop protecting you, your staff, our family and even your property. With 24 hour protection from CCTV cameras the need for guards is almost always removed.

An added bonus

Through intelligent video analytics your cameras can even be used to detect intruders, spot till fraud, capture facial details and more. This reduces the errors made in human judgment and can therefore be used to capture more of the unwanted theft, fraud and criminal activity than ever before.

Remote self viewing

The latest CCTV cameras from leading manufacturers, you can now connect your smart-phone to your IP HD CCTV system and view live feeds of your property from wherever you are in the world.

Speak to our Bristol based CCTV specialists to find out more about the surveillance services that we offer.

24 Hour Professional Monitoring

Here at BAC Security, we are able to provide you with 24 hour remote monitoring services that are perfect for ensuring that every detail is captured. Connecting your CCTV system to our accredited Remote Monitoring Station allows all threats to be seen, heard and dealt with.

Thermal Cameras

In extreme low light, harsh weather conditions, thermal CCTV cameras are ever becoming a popular addition to security systems. These thermal cameras are able to work even in the deepest of darkness - however their qualities can often be used for much more than just surveillance.

Solution: Cut the cost of multiple camera installs and gain accurate detection with Thermal CCTV


Looking for a quote for a new CCTV system?
Speak to our experienced, friendly and helpful installers today. If you wish to learn more about the CCTV systems that our Bristol based CCTV installers are able to provide, simply speak to our dedicated installers and they will be happy to walk you through what we have to offer.
Speak to our team   Find out more about the CCTV Surveillance services that we offer

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CCTV Bristol
CCTV Bristol CCTV Systems Bristol CCTV Systems Bristol
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