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"It won't happen to me..." - Just a few popular misconceptions.

"It won't happen to me"

Over the years, our team has heard this sort of thing thousands of times. The fact is a burglary can happen to anyone (and does). If your home or business isn't correctly protected with an intruder alarm system, you're not just at risk of losing your belongings but you're also putting your family or staff at risk.

If you're looking to help with the protection of your home or business, our team will be able to walk you through the options that we can provide you with. Our intruder alarm team works across Bristol and the surrounding areas to provide high-quality and reliable security systems to deduce the risks that you face when it comes to burglars or intruders.

"Whether you live in a quiet or busy area, burglaries can still happen in your area."

"All burglars and intruders break a window to gain entry to a property."

This is a common misconception that is often made due to TV or in movies, but it isn't actually the case all the time. In fact, a burglar will often gain entry through a door.

A simple method of gaining entry, that burglars sadly often use is, by pretending to have a delivery or be an electrician coming round to make some checks. This way, when you open the door, they will force their way in.

Our surveyors have many years of experience in surveying properties and identifying areas surrounding the property that might be used to gain entry and will be able to suggest prevention methods and begin to identify locations of where to install intruder alarms detectors, CCTV cameras and other security devices. Speak to our Bristol based team to find out more about the security services that we are able to offer you.

"Home security isn't going to stop them."

We hear people all the time stay things like, "What's the point in paying for security when it wont stop them." or "They can easily find a way round the security systems.". This simply just isn't the case.

We ensure that the intruder alarms and other security systems that we install make breaking in to your property is truly a physical and mental challenge. Even if the burglar does break-in, you can increase the chances of capture by combining your intruder alarm with a CCTV system.

The leading security manufacturers that we use have spent millions on developing fire and security systems that provide the highest levels of protection available at the time. Combining this with a professional, accredited installer and you will have a protection system for your property that truly is impossible to avoid. Our team is able to provide this exact service for you today.

Looking for a quote for an intruder alarm?
Our intruder alarm installers are able to provide a range of alarm systems that offer the protection you need to feel safe in your home or business. Speak to us today to find out more about the intruder alarms that we can offer.
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Intruder Alarms Bristol Intruder Alarms Bristol Intruder Alarms Bristol
Intruder Alarms Bristol
Intruder Alarms Bristol Intruder Alarms Bristol Intruder Alarms Bristol
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