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Fire Suppression Systems
As a specialist fire protection company operating in the Bristol area, we can provide gas suppression systems to protect high value premises, where water based systems could cause too much damage.

Our fire protection engineering services include full system design, installation, training and maintenance, to ensure our customers get the best possible fire protection system in the industry. We carry a full supply of equipment, fire suppression agents, and parts in stock thereby meeting all delivery expectations.

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Did you know? Only one in four businesses ever recover for the damages of a fire.

Our Bristol based fire safety team will be able to provide you with the precautions to help avoid you becoming 'just another statistic'.

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As a team of fire safety specialists, we have a design team that will provide you with all the support necessary to produce a complete fire suppression system. Our designers and estimators are here to support you.

The design team can also support you through on-site surveys, this will ensure that we have all the correct information to provide you with the very best suppression systems right from the outset.

Whether you are looking for a synthetic system within a small server room, or a large water mist system that will cover a number of generators, the installation will be conducted by our fire safety team, that works efficiently and professionally.

From start to finish, our installers will provide you with a solution that is perfect for your fire suppression requirements.

The initial design and product selection, through to installation and commissioning – we cover all the bases. If commercial kitchen fires are the potential risk, then we provide everything required for an efficient fire suppression system.

All our new installations are covered by our standard 12 months warranty (terms and conditions apply).

Planned and preventative maintenance will form an essential part of the on-going preservation of your fire suppression system. In the event of an actual fire, having the confidence and peace of mind that your system will effectively accomplish what it was designed to do is crucial.

Almost without exception, insurers and statutory bodies will require evidence from you that your fire safety systems have been maintained by an approved and accredited provider.

Find out more about our maintenance

A service exchange is part of a cylinder’s life-cycle process.

This process starts at the end of the 10-year point from the manufacturer’s stamped date on the cylinder itself. At this point, the cylinder will be replaced with a service exchange cylinder and taken away for 10-year testing. Once tested, the cylinder will be stored until ready for use.

Once a cylinder becomes due for service exchange, an engineer will take specific details on the cylinder(s) on site. This will typically be:

  • System manufacturer
  • Cylinder volume (WC)
  • Agent type
  • Agent fill (typically only required for HFC-227ea and NOVEC 1230)
  • System charge pressure
  • Cylinder outlet height

A Room Integrity Test, or RIT, is undertaken to ensure that on discharge, the extinguishing agent within the system achieves the correct concentration.

The minimum retention time required under BS EN 15004-1 for all gaseous agents is 10 minutes, apart from CO2 which has a minimum required retention time of 20 minutes.

A smaller rooms require a much better standard of sealing than larger rooms. This is because the total leakage is area related, whilst the extinguishant concentration is derived from volumetric relations.

Room construction techniques also has significance.

If your building or facility has a fire suppression system in operation, you will need to ensure that is correctly maintained and refilled as soon as possible after every discharge.

If a system has activated to put out a fire, or it has been accidentally discharged, it is now no longer prepared to extinguish any following fire. With no agent to disperse, even a small fire could lead to severe property loss or damage if it cannot be contained as quickly as it would with a working system.

Fire suppression systems utilise high pressure vessels which must be maintained by law (under The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000 and Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations (PER) 2016). We can provide you with the maintenance and servicing needed to ensure that you are meeting the regulations that apply.

It is important that correctly designed and installed. Over Pressure Vents (OPV) are fitted within enclosures protected by a gaseous suppression system.

In areas that have boundaries constructed in anything other than block-work this is particularly important. Although, these too can be affected by structural stress derived from high pressure-induced forces produced within an area during a discharge.


Aerosol suppression systems have been around for many years, but many people are not aware of their market presence. These systems are 'Green' being non-toxic and contains no CFCs or HFCs.

A water mist system is a fire suppression system which utilises water, high pressure and specialised sprinklers to form very fine water droplets, ranging from 50 to 300µm depending on the system design.

Inert gases are an excellent choice for today’s fire suppression systems. The agents are based on naturally occurring gases found all around us – even in the air. Making them more 'Green' than some other agents.

Synthetic gaseous agents are suppression agents that have a couple of unique features. They are man-made and not naturally occurring gases. Synthetic gases exist in liquid form until the time of deployment.

These agents are commonly referred to as 'Clean Agents' as they leave no residue or oily deposits, they can be removed by ventilation of the affected space and are non-conductive. This makes them highly desirable in IT rooms and precious document vaults.

Firetrace is a simple, self-activating, pneumatic fire suppression system that offers the widest versatility and is safe against malfunction, these are cost-effective systems that do not compromise on quality. They can be used anywhere – from the inside of a photocopier to the mechanical housing on a dock-side crane.

It is the 'responsible persons' legal responsibility to ensure that the fire risk assessment is up-to-date and covers all aspects of a business.

A commercial kitchen will almost certainly be identified as a significant fire risk in any risk assessment. The risk within a commercial kitchen cannot be entirely removed. Because of this, the responsible person must choose the most effective ways to managing the risks.

The responsibility for fire safety sits with the designated 'responsible person'. The 'responsible person' should be sufficiently trained in completing this assessment and particular attention should be given to those areas which create the greatest risk of fire or the safety of public and employees. These areas should be given careful consideration on how to reduce the fire risk to an acceptable level or in some cases even removing the risk altogether.

It may also be a requirement of a Company’s insurance policy to have a fire suppression system within applications like kitchens. Insurance companies are increasingly specifying fire suppression and there may be benefits to policy terms if systems are installed. We highly recommend the ANSUL® Piranha Fire Suppression system for kitchens.

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